real engineered wood flooring

Even though hard wood floors have been fitted for hundreds of years inside homes and communal buildings, it has just grown from an art to a science in the previous 65 years, alongside the initiation of products with several layers, plus in more recent times, in the late 1990s, the growth of intact securing practices, which seriously support the fitting of the floor.

The growing trend of using wood in contemporary houses has led to the requirement for meeting major trials and tribulations. All new homes virtually have central heating, which has led to fairly low humidity in the atmosphere; developments have been made in the supplies utilised for subfloors; and in recent times, the increasing trend  of under floor heating; the whole thing has meant that it has been necessary to increase the level of classiness in the floors themselves.

Hence the advancement of a floor which has several layers in production and offers:

  1. More steadinesses.
  2. The greatest usage of organic reserves that are not wasted unnecessarily plus in the most pragmatic manner.
  3. A manufactured good which in certain instances could be placed and re-placed on several occasions, which makes it cost effective and can be used again.
  4. A manufactured good which is capable of being used without harm and in combination with under floor heating dependent on specific requirements.
  5. A manufactured good which is capable of being laid a lot quicker, subsequently costs less to be fitted, plus, if pre-finished, is capable of being used straightaway after being fitted.
  6. A bigger variety of style potentials providing sole plank, two strip and three strip choices.

These types of floors give extra stability and a better selection of styles. They’re usually created in 3 tiers, utilising the selected type on the top wear level, alongside a middle core of either softwood*, high density fibreboard (HDF) with a complementary neat finish, or birch plywood. The top wear layer could range from 0.6mm to 6mm; it just depends on the manufactured goods.

*Growth and reduction of the softwood interior because of weather changes, hence changes in moisture, might generate a squealing noise, particularly if the subfloor isn’t exactly flat. Polishing the hinges can get rid of this issue.

Examples of Installed Real Wood Engineered Flooring

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