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For Wood and Laminate

heating for wood and laminate floors

For wood, laminate, and carpet floors we have our special carbon film that is extra thin and durable meaning very little difference in floor heating with the film installed underneath your new floor.

For Tile and Stone

heating for wood and laminate floors

For tile, stone, ceramic, and, carpet floors you have a choice between cable mats and flexible heating cables. Cable mats are ideal for large floors that are fairly square or rectangular. If your floor is smaller and more awkwardly shaped then we advise using the flexible heating cables.

For Screed Floors

heating for wood and laminate floors

For new build projects in screeded floors, we have inscreed heating cables that are typically laid directly onto foil-backed insulation and then covered with a minimum of 50mm sand & cement screed. On new build projects with screed floors, this cable can provide an economical heating solution.

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