Case Study 2 (Musselburgh): All the trimmings - we fitted new satellite TV boxes too and removed radiators

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The situation

Ted contacted us about supplying and installing electric underfloor heating and Quickstep laminate wood flooring throughout his house.

We provided Ted with a free site visit to take down all the relevant dimensions of the house and to discuss various finishes and options available with his project. We went away and drew a detailed drawing of the property and provided Ted with a detailed estimate of the costs.

What we did

We advised Ted on which flooring options would best suit the type of underfloor heating system he had decided on.

Ted also wanted a few extras done before the floors would be covered with the new floor - we removed all radiators from the property making the underfloor heating the prime heating source. We also removed all the skirting so we could fit new ones and we fitted new satellite TV connection boxes; running TV wires under the floor and up the wall for a wall mounted TV.

On the job

As we're skilled professionals, the extras Ted wanted weren't a problem - we did it before the heating and the flooring were in place, so that cables could be run under the floor and out of site.

We started on the Monday by removing all the large items left over in the rooms, fitting insulation to the floor and then installing the carbon underfloor heating room by room. The system was connected to allow us to proceed with laying the quickstep flooring, we laid the flooring from room to room with no breaks at the door area, providing an excellent finish.

Stylish finish: customer happy

The house was fitted with new skirting throughout and once the floors were all completed the electrical engineer Keith returned to install the room thermostats and test and connect the systems to the mains.

Once confirmed we showed Ted how to operate his new system and controls.

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Steven Adie
Managing Director, Carbon Heat

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Customer: Ted

Job Type:
Electric carbon underfloor heating system with a quickstep engineered wood floor.

Musselburgh, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Scotland


We provided Ted with a free site visit.