Warm Water Underfloor Heating Installation - how it works

water underfloor heating installation cheaper to heat

When considering warm water underfloor heating, you're benefiting from a heated floor that's part of your central heating and can be if required combined with radiators.

Warm water underfloor heating is more economical in the long-term so it can work out cheaper to heat than an electric underfloor heating system. We think it's worth paying a little bit more up front for a water system.

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Describing the job

When you call us on our Free phone number 0800 756 6862, to supply and install a warm water underfloor heating system; we'll take a brief description of the job and your contact details. At this initial point, we'll discuss drawings, heating and flooring options, including:

  • All room dimensions
  • What is the floor construction of the project
  • Planned heat source (boiler, heat pump etc.)
  • What type of flooring you're planning to have over the underfloor heating system
  • How well the property is insulated

Controlling your system

How do you want to control your ufh system?

You can choose from various different types of thermostats, such as basic dial thermostats, or more intuitive programmable thermostats - we can also provide you with a touch pad which is used to control all your thermostats from one easy location. We can even provide network systems which allow you to have online and telephone control from anywhere in the world.

Designing and estimating

We'll design you a system and provide an estimate for the materials required for your project, the estimate will be based on the information obtained during our site visit and any information or specifications you have provided us during your initial enquiry.

If you're happy with the system we have designed and the associated costs to buy an underfloor heating system designed to your project, we'll come and see you to double-check all the measurements and discuss any additional aspects of the project like for example insulation and flooring finishes.

We will also provide you with a second estimate for the installation of your underfloor heating system, this will include costs to supply and install insulation, all fitting work, electrics and plumbing. We will also if you have requested supply you with an estimate for the supply and installation of your finish flooring.

We'll need a 35% deposit upfront

Once you've accepted our estimate you'll need to pay a 35% deposit on the material costs only, we will then get on with doing the underfloor heating CAD design for your property detailing pipe spacing, amounts and flow rates for the system. The CAD design will need to be approved by yourself as well as your Carbon Heat project manager; this eliminates any issues regarding design and final layout of the system.

Once signed and approved by all parties we will need the additional 65% of the cost of all materials for the job. All goods will then be shipped out directly to site, wrapped and boxed to stop damage and loss of goods.

Getting started on your job

After giving us the green light for a start date, we'll be:

  • Arriving between 8am and 9am depending on your location
  • Taking delivery of all the materials required to complete the job
  • Storing all our goods and tools in one room within the house

We install your water based
underfloor heating step by step.

Warm water underfloor heating
What we do...

Step one: preparing

Depending on the construction of the floor depends on how we prepare; with timber floors we usually begin by removing all the current sub-floors to expose the joists however every project is different.

This is also the time when we run all the electric cabling required for your underfloor heating system, electric cable is used for wiring the manifold and the room thermostats. The cables run from the thermostat position to the manifold position and from the manifold to the heat source.

Step two: insulating

Insulation boards are cut to the exact size of the joist or the floor and fitted to leave space for the pipe. Insulation is fitted, swept and then all edges taped to seal.

We then secure the pipe in place according to the CAD design, when fitted on a wooden joist construction we begin plying over the whole floor area with 18-22mm plywood screwed into the joist to eliminate creaking. If the floors are being screeded we double check the pipe to make sure enough fixings have been used to hold down the pipe. This is to stop the pipe becoming buoyant when the screed is poured.

See our details floor construction diagrams to help decide on which fitting method best suits your project.


Step three: connecting

The manifold and thermostats are fitted into position, the electrical engineer will connect the thermostats and the control units with the ufh system and the plumber will then connect the manifold to the heat source and begin testing.

The system is then commissioned, the flow rates are set and thermostats are programmed, the full system is tested throughout the house to make sure everything works as it should.

Step four: flooring

Once every thing's tested and your underfloor heating project is complete, we can then begin laying the finish flooring to a high standard.

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What we don't do

We never fit under units or baths, sinks or toilets.

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