woodpecker flooring

Woodpecker, Kenton Floors is a family owned company, which has been around for three generations and been immersed in the timber trade for more than 25 years. They are conventionally known for their top standards of choice and machining of each floorboard -introduced in their first tiny industrial unit where their very first floors were constructed. Nowadays, their manufacturing services have expanded to thirteen highly developed factories across the world and continue to offer top standards. Each board goes through a strict quality and grading procedure to make sure this happens so that your complete approval is assured. Their philosophy is:

"The finest is merely good enough"

woodpecker flooring

25 Year Guarantee

Each Woodpecker floor contains this excellent guarantee of their assurance that you won't locate better priced merchandise in any other place in the market. Your approval is determined by their carefulness and full consideration to detail, like their precise choice of the trees prior to them being chopped plus the technique used to saw the timber, piled and dried-out. In the majority of instances the timber that has been sawn is air dried for more than a year before it goes through a 2 step kilning and dehumidifying procedure to attain the greatest solidity. Afterwards, it's cautiously chosen for grain design, colour difference plus loops, to give the plenty of varied looks which are obtainable in the Woodpecker collection. Following on from that, a machine is used that is the newest equipment- in plenty of instances to engineering acceptances, which were not possible several years ago - therefore they are capable of bringing virtual precision to your floor.

Conventional hand finishes accomplishing an eternal grace

Afterwards, the boards are placed through finishing procedure like varnishing, lubricating or antiquing - plenty of them are conducted by hand utilising centuries of ancient practices- for that ageless class that just a pure wood floor is capable of bringing to your house. Lastly, it's kept in their large warehouse facilities where they keep huge stocks that are ready to be dispatched straightaway to meet your needs. This is so that you are able to appreciate the natural grace of everlasting convention minus any delays after you've made your choice. Woodpecker believes that you'll feel the same amount of joy from your floor as they've had in getting it to you.